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Protect Your Bitcoins from Disaster

CypherSafe products protect confidential information, from your private key for Bitcoin, to other sensitive data.
We’ve created these products with the Bitcoin community in mind, making them easy to use, cost-effective, and resistant to damage.

Frequent Questions

  • Why should I keep my BIP39 seed stored in a metal wallet?

    As a Bitcoin user, you’re surely aware of the risks associated with storing your private key on your computer; Bitcoin was created specifically so you could securely exchange currency, but storing information this way defeats the purpose because your private key can be stolen by hackers. A paper wallet or hardware wallet may work in the short term, but keeping your information in either of these mediums makes it susceptible to disaster, such as fire, flood, or even a curious furry friend. CypherSafe’s products are fireproof, waterproof, pet proof, and tamper evident, ensuring that your private key is safe.

  • What is the difference between the CypherPlate and the CypherWheel?

    The CypherPlate is a simple to use product that allows you to mark the surface of the stainless steel with your information, while the CypherWheel, a circular storage product, comes equipped with a Type Kit and holds the type itself in the order you determine. The CypherPlate comes equipped with materials to lock it as well as tamper evident seals, while the CypherWheel can be locked with a padlock.

  • What are my options for marking my CypherPlate?

    Because CypherSafe is a Numberall DBA, we also offer a variety of marking options if you choose to purchase a CypherPlate. The simplest of these is a scribe, which allows you to mark the CypherPlate with your handwriting. We also offer hand stamps and rotary stamps, which create an indent mark on the metal when used with a hammer, and our Model 22 with Type, which allows you to mark a sequence of interchangeable numbers all at once. Visit our CypherPlate page to learn more.

  • Which package is right for me?

    Do you prefer to handwrite your information, or use an indent mark? Choose a scribe for handwriting, or our hand stamp, rotary stamp, or Model 22 with Type for indent marking. Any of our indent marking tools will create similar marks and all have to be operated with a hammer. The Model 22 is a bit more efficient because it can mark multiple numbers at once, while the hand stamps have to be interchanged and the rotary stamps turned.

About CypherSafe

CypherSafe is Numberall Stamp & Tool Company DBA owned and operated by Daniel Bayerdorffer, a third-generation maker and inventor. Bayerdorffer has continued the tradition started in 1930 by his grandfather, the founder of Numberall, by venturing into new territory with two Numberall DBAs: Reuleaux Models, which has revived the practice of building kinematic models for academics, hobbyists, and collectors, and CypherSafe. Founded in 2018, CypherSafe’s goal is to provide important security tools for those who use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

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