CypherGrid Bitcoin Seed Word Backup



Introducing the CypherGrid our newest Bitcoin Seed Word Backup Device. It is the market’s best value for the dollar, hands down! We went all out to design a rugged, dependable, simple, and affordable device. If you pick the CypherGrid Kit WITHOUT a Center Punch, please be sure to purchase one separately.

CypherGrid Bitcoin Seed Word Backup

Don’t store your seed words on a paper backup. You need to store them in Bitcoin Seed Word Backup Device that can last a lifetime. The CypherGrid answers this problem.

CypherGrid uses a grid layout for you to punch out your seed words. The grid pattern is a matrix of the alphabet in a vertical column and more columns marked with numbers for each word. You have 4 smaller columns for each word. This allows you to mark 4 letters for each of your seed words, as allowed by the BIP-39 standard. This simple design is easy to use, and very rugged.

You get everything you need to backup your seed words all in one package for one low price! Competitor products require you to buy two plates to backup all 24 words. Or they don’t provide the tool you need to actually mark the plates. We provide everything you need all for a low price. And everything is made in the USA! We mean everything, the brass, the hardware, the center punch, the locks, even the packaging, and we make the CypherGrid right here in Maine.


CypherGrid Bitcoin Seed Word Backup Features:


Secure Your Private Key with the CypherGrid Metal Backup

Much like the CypherWheel, the CypherGrid will secure your private key for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The CypherGrid is a metal Bitcoin Seed Word Backup Device that is made of 360 brass and tested for durability.

The CypherGrid comes in a two-plate package that are hinged together in one corner. With the two plates facing each other, your seed words are hidden by default. They can also be locked together after you have marked it with your confidential information. It also comes equipped with a tamper evident seal containing a number unique to your purchase.

All CypherSafe Products are:

  • Fireproof up to 1750 degrees
  • Rust proof
  • Waterproof
  • Compact, simple to store shape
  • Tamper evident and uniquely numbered seal

Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in

Complete CypherGrid Kit, CypherGrid Kit without Center Punch

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