Bitcoin Recovery Tag


Bitcoin Recovery Tag provides a safe way to record important technical information about your Bitcoin Hardware Wallet.


You’ve backed up your seed words with a CypherWheel or other seed word backup device, but do you know the inner details of your Bitcoin Hardware wallet?

  • What if you’ve lost the wallet?
  • What if that wallet is no longer manufactured?
  • What if you need to restore to an entirely different wallet?

Any of these issues could complicate you getting your bitcoin back. But you can help yourself with all of these issues, if you add a Bitcoin Recovery Tag to your seed word backup device.

The Bitcoin Recovery Tag is a stainless steel tag stamped with all of the relevant information you need to recover your bitcoin. It includes

  • The Original Wallet
  • The Gap Limit
  • Derivation Types
  • Scripts Used
  • A Place for you to Name or Number your Wallet

All of that technical data can be used to restore your bitcoin. It’s not always required, but when it is, you REALLY, REALLY need it! If you are restoring to the exact same wallet that your bitcoin was originally stored on, then it’s not required. But if you need to restore to some other wallet, this information could be critical.

Why would you need to restore to another wallet? One reason, could be your original wallet is no longer manufactured? Another could be your original wallet was destroyed. Or you no longer trust your original wallet and you want to restore to a different brand of wallet.

In these situations you will need the technical data stored on a Bitcoin Recovery Tag. That information is used during the restore process for your new wallet to find all of your bitcoin that is associated with your old wallet. If you don’t provide this information, you might have some bitcoin hiding and LOST on your old wallet!

We support these Hardware Wallets

  • Blank (You fill it out yourself)
  • BitBox01, BitBox02
  • CoboVault
  • Cold Card Mk I, II, III
  • Foundation Devices Passport
  • KeepKey
  • KoinKeep
  • Ledger Nano S & X
  • SeedSigner DYI Wallet
  • Trezor 1, Trezor T

We also put a website link on the tag with a starting point for recovering your bitcoin. We know how stressful recovery can be (We’ve been through it when our Bad Dog Archie ate our Trezor!). So this site provides some simple starting steps for recovering your bitcoin.

Included with the Bitcoin Recovery Tag is a Stainless Steel Cable to attach it to your seed word backup device, and a Removable Sticker that you can use to cover up the tag and keep that technical information a little more private. Should you need to access that data, the sticker is made to peel off easily.

You can use the Bitcoin Recovery Tag with any Seed Word Backup Device, including CypherWheel, CryptoSteel Capsule or Cassette, CryptoKeys, BIllFodl, CryptoTag, Blockplate, and others.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions4 × 3 × .1 in

Blank, BitBox01, BitBox02, CoboVault, Cold Card Mk I, Cold Card Mk II, Cold Card Mk III, Foundation Devices Passport, KeepKey, KoinKeep, Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, SeedSigner, Trezor 1 (Original Trezor), Trezor T

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