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  1. CypherSafe Adds LibertyX Bitcoin ATM


    Welcome back, I’m Kathleen Bitcoin. I’m 20 years old, new to the bitcoin world, and here to write on the current hot topics in bitcoin while I learn about it along the way.

    Today I’m here to talk about LibertyX!

    They offer an app and a service that you can install into regular, everyday ATMs so that you can buy bitcoin. In order to do so, you have to download their app and make an account with them to buy the bitcoin. Finding ATM locations is made easy through the app as well.

    LibertyX is America’s first and largest network of Bitcoin ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks. We’re here to talk specifically about their ATMs, though. Why? CypherSafe decided to install an ATM at Canyon Networks in Newport, Maine.

    CypherSafe did it mostly as a learning experience. They said the people at LibertyX have been super helpful and friendly. So if you’re thinking of doing it, absolutely reach out to them!

    There’s now roughly 9,500 LibertyX ATMs across the country. You might be surprised how close they are to you! When using the ATMs, there’s a service charge that varies from ATM to ATM; that’s typical with any ATM, though. They are also debit card only, no credit card. But you can buy up to $1400. You can also increase your daily purchasing limit to $3000 by providing additional information.

    Their goal is to make purchasing bitcoin as simple and familiar as possible. This is another way to buy bitcoin, like the Dollar Cost Averaging method with a website like Swan, in an easy way.

    Here’s how the process of buying the bitcoin via the ATM actually works…

    1.  Select “Start purchase” and paste your bitcoin wallet address (or scan its QR code)
    2.  Select the store location you wish to purchase at and select buy bitcoin here
    3.  Your 6-digit order number will be displayed in a green box on the LibertyX app.
    4.  Enter that order number into the ATM, and finalize payment. When payment is confirmed, the bitcoin is sent to the wallet address you provided in Step 1.

    And don’t forget to protect it with a CypherWheel! Now in Saifedean Ammous’ Bitcoin Standard Toolkit!

    Buying bitcoin made easy with LibertyX! Download the app to find nearby locations so you can buy bitcoin in minutes.

    Thanks again,
    Kathleen Bitcoin
    Twitter: @KathleenBitcoin

  2. CypherSafe Exhibit at BitBlockBoom


    Recently CypherSafe exhibited at the BitBlockBoom Conference in Dallas, Texas. This was a bitcoin only conference that did not allow any non-bitcoin crypto currency topics. The conference was put on by Gary Leland the host of Crypto Cousins and many other podcasts. Gary did a great job, he helped us in so many ways, and was very accommodating to our requests.

    We attended a lightning workshop put on by Pierre Rouchard. This was very educational as we knew very little about the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which allows instant payments with bitcoin. One of the pieces of software recommended by Pierre was the Breez Smart Phone lightning wallet.

    Another pre-show event was the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute BBQ dinner, held at Ferris Wheelers Backyard BBQ. What an amazing venue that was full of character! This was a real Texas style BBQ, that was a real treat. After the dinner a benefit auction for the institute was held, with such items as Jimmy Song’s hat, and bitcoin programming book, and Saifedean Ammous great book “The Bitcoin Standard”.

    Our booth could not be missed, with a giant sized picture of Archie, the bad dog.

    We brought our prototype CypherWheels as well as production ready CypherPlates. The interest by attendees was amazing. We had numourous questions, and were able to show the CypherWheel in action. Thanks to Nicholas for giving a shoutout on Twitter about the CypherWheel. Leaving this show, we felt ready to double our efforts to get it out!

    Another vendor there, that we got to know was LibertyX. They are helping merchants convert regular ATM’s into bitcoin ATM’s. They had an ATM setup at the show and you could try it out. It was quite fun to put $20 in and get $20 worth of bitcoin on your phone!

    The speaker list was amazing. Unfortunately we only had time to catch one presentation. “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric: How to Meme Bitcoin to the Moon” by Michael Goldstein. This was hilarious and I’m glad we were able to catch it.

    Oh, how could we forget. We got to meet the bitcoin pickle!

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