CypherGrid Instructions

1. Find a hard surface to work on.

2. Spread out your CypherGrid Plates.

3. Get your list of Seed Words.

4. At the top left corner of the grid is a blank rectangle with a diagonal through it.

A. If this plate is for words 1-12 then mark the left side of the diagonal with the center punch.

Mark Plate Numbers

B. if this plate is for words 13-24 then mark the right side of the diagonal with the center punch.

Mark Other Plate Numbers

5. With a marker, mark each box that contains the character in the right position for each word.

Mark with Marker

6. DOUBLE CHECK your Marks.

7. Confirming each letter with your Seed Word List, use the center punch to mark each box.

Center Punch each Character

8. Review one more time, that you marked everything correctly.

9. If you so desire you can assemble the two plates face to face with the included stainless screw and nut.

Stainless Nut and ScrewComplete CypherGrid

10. Also if you want, you can secure the screw and nut, so they can’t be removed, by using the center punch to deform them together.

Deforming Screw and Nut

12. Finally you can secure your plates with your tamper evident Security Seal. Find Security Seal Instructions Here.

CypherGrid with Security Seal

13. Now store your CypherGrid somewhere safe from theft.

Optionally add a padlock for extra security.

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