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Welcome back, I’m Kathleen Bitcoin. I’m 20 years old, new to the bitcoin world, and here to write on the current hot topics in bitcoin while I learn about it along the way.

Today I’d like to talk about how I came into the bitcoin world.

Too Young

A few years back my Dad started talking about bitcoin to us kids. I was way too young to even care about it or have any interest. So up until now, I really didn’t have a clue as to what is was, besides that it was a form of online currency. That’s about it. But throughout all these years, he’s continued to talk about it, and I’d kind of brush it off like “there goes my Dad again, talking about bitcoin… again”. To a teenage girl, it’s just one more thing your Dad is talking into your ear about, that you don’t really have a bit of interest in. So I never really listened. But I did know that every time I made a comment on him talking about it all the time, he’d say, “well bitcoin is your inheritance”, and that kind of shut me up. Not because I realized “oh, this might actually mean something”, but because I didn’t want to upset him that I didn’t get why he’d make this online currency that nobody really used our inheritance. I didn’t get it.

New Idea

But fast forward a few years, and I’m working for him at the family business to save money for a big change in my life. The year before, he had gone to a bitcoin conference to promote this product he’d made related to bitcoin; but that year, he hadn’t been able to actually bring the product to the conference because it hadn’t been quite ready. This year he was able to. You might be able to guess what it is, but if not: the CypherWheel! If you don’t know the background, our family dog, Archie, chewed up my Dad’s Trezor. At the time, I clearly had no idea what it was or what it did. I just know that he was very upset about it, and that’s what started the idea for the CypherWheel; but he was proud of it. So no, I really had no clue what it was, but I was happy for him and I cheered him on anyway.

Going back to working with my Dad. I was really doing odd jobs that needed to be done around the place that no one had time for or really wanted to do (lol), but when I wanted a break from that, I’d help my Dad make the CypherWheels for the upcoming conference. Still not knowing what it did, I helped anyway because it was fun, running the machine.

Real Savings

Now fast forward another eight months or so, and I’d gone through with the big life change, moving across the country! My Dad came to visit and had all us kids make an account with Swan Bitcoin (see previous post). I’m a few years older now since he first started talking about bitcoin, and no longer a moody teenage girl, so I actually listened to what he had to say. And that’s how I ended up here, making these blogs about bitcoin as I learn more about it! It took a few years, but he finally got me to listen, and now I’m putting money towards bitcoin every month so I can save for the future!

But, I kind of have my bitcoin spread out and unprotected across Swan and CashApp, so can you guess what next week’s post it about? You got it! Hardware wallets.

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Thanks again,

Kathleen Bitcoin

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