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The CypherWheel is a unique way to store your BIP-0039 and SLIP-0039 bitcoin seed words or other sensitive information. Machined from 5/16″ thick 303 Stainless Steel, not stamped out from thin 1/16″ metal. Protects your seed words from physical disaster and Bad Dogs! With an added level of locking protection, this bitcoin wallet keeps your confidential information safe from prying eyes.

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Secure a Bitcoin Wallet with CypherSafe’s CypherWheel

For those struggling to find the best method to secure a Bitcoin wallet, we’ve come up with a solution. CypherSafe’s inaugural product, the CypherWheel, will protect your private key (seed words) and/or address to ensure your transactions remain secure.

If you have a paper wallet at home, your private key is susceptible to any variety of disasters, such as fire, flood, or even forgetfulness and loss. The risks associated with storing your private key on your computer also make that form of storage impossible. Because Bitcoin was created specifically so you could securely exchange currency, storing your private key on your machine defeats the purpose due to the cunning of hackers.

As Bitcoin users ourselves, we wondered how to best secure a Bitcoin wallet in a way that was more effective and safe than paper or electronic storage.

The CypherWheel is a stainless-steel device that holds stainless steel character bits that match your seed words. The CypherWheel can be locked with a padlock to add another level of protection to your crypto wealth. By using the CypherWheel, you’ll protect your crypto wallet private key from prying eyes and physical disaster.

CypherWheel Features:

  • BIP-39 and SLIP-39 Compatible
  • Fireproof up to 2000 degrees
  • Rust proof
  • Waterproof
  • Stores up to 96 characters of confidential information
  • Compact, simple to store shape

The CypherWheel can travel with you or be tucked safely away in a spot of your choice. With the ability to store up to 96 characters of confidential information, you can easily hold your Bitcoin BIP-39 compatible seed words, or other important sensitive data, such as personal identification numbers, bank account information, Microsoft (c) Bitlocker Recovery Keys, and more. With the CypherWheel, you no longer have to wonder how to best secure a Bitcoin wallet.

Learn how we’ve improved the CypherWheel after testing by Jameson Lopp!

Videos on how to use the CypherWheel

Additional information

Weight80 oz
Dimensions7.5 × 4.5 × 3 in

Frequent Questions

  • Why should I keep my BIP39 seed stored in a metal wallet?

    As a Bitcoin user, you’re surely aware of the risks associated with storing your private key on your computer; Bitcoin was created specifically so you could securely exchange currency, but storing information this way defeats the purpose because your private key can be stolen by hackers. A paper wallet or hardware wallet may work in the short term, but keeping your information in either of these mediums makes it susceptible to disaster, such as fire, flood, or even a curious furry friend. CypherSafe’s cold storage products are fireproof, waterproof, pet proof, and tamper evident, ensuring that your private key is safe.

  • What is the difference between the CypherPlate and the CypherWheel?

    The CypherPlate is a simple to use product that allows you to mark the surface of the stainless steel plate with your information, while the CypherWheel, a circular storage product, comes equipped with a Character Chip Kit and holds the chips itself in the order you determine. The CypherPlate can hold up to 48 lines of information (24 lines on each plate), making it a more versatile option for storing a variety of private information. The CypherWheel was designed specifically for storing seed phrases, allowing 48 characters to be placed on each side for a total of 96 characters allowing you to store 12 or 24 seed words. Both the CypherPlate and CypherWheel come with a Tamper Evident Security Seal. The CypherWheel is also designed to use a Padlock for security.

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